Thank you for submitting your application for a bridge loan. We appreciate your interest and the time you have taken to apply.

Upon reviewing your application, we want to acknowledge that, as of the date of this communication, there is no existing agreement in place between yourself and Last Mile Loan.

While we appreciate your interest in securing a loan with our organization, please note that the submission of an application does not guarantee the loan or the establishment of any formal agreement.

We understand that waiting for a decision can be an anxious time, and we assure you that we will do our best to communicate with you promptly regarding the status of your application.

However, please note that due to the number of applications we receive, it may take some time to complete our evaluation process.

We encourage you to regularly check your email and keep an eye on any other communication channels we might use to provide updates on the status of your application.

Simply put;

By submitting intake forms and completing application I acknowledge that in now way have I been awarded a loan. The data collected is being used in the underwriting process to qualify for a loan.

In no way do we have legal agreement in place for a loan.