The Last Mile Loan Criteria

Line of Credit Checklist

This checklist provides a brief overview & description as to why we collect the following information and documents before executing a loan.

  • Full KYC/CIS of project owners - This is necessary to verify the identity of the project owners and ensure that their background information matches our criteria for loan approval.
  • Executive Summary - This will provide us with a clear understanding of the project's objectives, goals, timeline and estimated outcomes.
  • Proforma - A proforma helps us assess the expected returns of different investment scenarios and make an informed decision regarding the loan.
  • Certificate of good standing - This is needed to verify that each entity involved in the loan is in good company standing with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.
  • Articles of incorporation - These documents serve as proof that an entity has been legally incorporated in accordance with legal statutes. They also provide details about the ownership structure, sets out powers granted to officers, directors etc., and other corporate matters.
  • Current financials - Financial statements provide insight into a company’s historical performance and assists in determining credit worthiness for potential business partners.
  • Any purchase agreements - A purchase agreement should accompany any acquired assets subject to financing by way of a loan agreement so as to outline terms pertaining to title transfers, payment terms, warranties etc., between parties entering into such contracts.
  • Current contracts (if any) - It is important to review any existing contracts prior to entering into a new loan agreement so as not risk entering into any contract that may be seen as conflicting with existing ones already held by parties involved in deal making process for a loan transaction.
  • Proof of Funds - Funding sources need to be verified along with legitimate evidence that funds exist prior to entering into a loan agreement in order ensure proper verification that lenders have sufficient funds available at time of requested transfer.

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Bridge funding, also known as bridge financing or a bridge loan, is a financial tool used to provide short-term capital to individuals or businesses. It serves as a "bridge" between two larger financing events, helping to fill the gap in funding until a more permanent solution can be secured.